Entry Level Electrical Technician

Even if you don’t have any electrical or maintenance experience, in just 3 months at NTI school for electrical training you can be job-ready as an electrician!

NTI’s Entry Level Electrical Technician course combines the theory, safety, and technical, hands-on skills that you need to start a career as an electrician. The entire program is 192 hours taught in NTI’s high-tech classroom and industry standard practice labs. Moreover, we help you even further by including classes to help you market yourself and interact with clients, the “soft skills” that every successful electrician needs to run a business or be a valuable employee.

NTI’s electrical technician training course in Phoenix, NV teaches students to learn and perform electrical install and service needs for both residential and light commercial settings, and to follow all electrical code requirements. Safety is always a priority, and as such, is taught throughout the entire 192 clock hour program.

Classes are held 4 times a week with three different schedule options:

  • Morning: 8am to 12pm
  • Afternoon: 1pm to 5pm
  • Evening: 6pm to 10pm
electrician course Phoenix - electrical training school

The focus of NTI’s electrician training course is to teach the basics of the electrical industry and the best way to break into the industry as an entry level technician with an understanding of careers, safety, electrical mathematics, theory, tools, wiring and the landscape of electricity and how it fits into the “green” technology of today’s changing world.


It is our goal at NTI to teach in a very hands-on, friendly atmosphere. Our Entry Level Electrical Technicians students are expected to spend approximately 50% of their 192 clock hours in NTI’s state of the art, electrical lab; where they will learn, hands-on, practical education that will benefit them greatly in the electrical field. Throughout the entire program, students will participate in 14 different courses with specific objectives and outcomes.

Please note that exact topic names are subject to change as required by changes in the industry and education practices.